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Emulsions Stabilization for Topical Application

Emulsions developed for topical applications have attracted so much interested over the last years, due to their characteristics, stability and possibility to work as Nano carrier to deliver an active agent to the skin. There are some aspects that need to be taken into considerations when developing an emulsion for topical application, such as: long-term delivery drugs with beneficial properties, have a pleasant feeling to the users, maintaining its properties during the storage, being stable, biocompatible, and not provide skin irritation.In this manuscript, we report the importance of the stabilization emulsions for topical application purposes, which can be achieved by either adding surfactants, solid particles (Pickering emulsions), or bio-mass. Pickering emulsions are stabilized by adding solid particles into the water-in- oil, oil- in water, or both interface. Moreover, this manuscript includes the use surfactant stabilizer, which can be replaced for biomass-based particles, which are biocompatible and eco-friendly agents.

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