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Enabling inclusion and citizenship with Cloud Computing Technologies, Cognitive Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence

The state of São Paulo is the most populous in Brazil, with 46 million inhabitants and generating one third of the total wealth produced in the country. Among the services provided to the population by the State Government, the issuance and renewal of identity documents and a driver's license are the most requested.

Given the number of citizens who demand these services every day, scheduling interviews to issue and renew those documents is a considerable logistical challenge.

The government has a network of citizen service centers where these documents are issued and, in recent years, the need to automate and ensure compliance with the prerequisites in the first interview has become one of the main goals of the government.

To solve this situation, an automated chatbot service system was developed, provided by cloud technologies, based on cognitive services, allowing citizens not only to schedule interviews to issue documents, but also to ensure compliance with all fees and pre-requisites required.

The system in question aims at more than 90% assertiveness, preventing a second interview from being necessary due to the lack of information or the absence of required documents.

Considering that the state's low-income population needs to take about four trips by bus or train to participate in the interview, the assertiveness and ensuring that their document is issued in the first interview are no longer just an indicator of the government's effectiveness, but an inclusion factor for all sections of the population.



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