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Literature research about the efficacy of electro acupuncture in the treatment of peripheral facial paralysis

The peripheral facial paralysis (PFP) results from a neuronal injury of the VII nerve and is mentioned because the interruption of motor information to facial muscles. Its incidence varies between 20 and 30 cases every 100 thousand individuals. In wester medicine the treatment include the utilization of corticosteroids and antivirals, facial exercise, electro stimulation, physiotherapy and decompression surgery.

In Traditional Chinese medicine there are multiple acupuncture methods for treat PFP including: electro-acupuncture (EA), manual acupuncture (MA), warm needling (or moxibustion-acupuncture), and stuck needling. Many studies have claimed that the curative effect of EA on PFP is critical and EA. This research has the target of study the efficacy of this method.

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