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Enhancing the Skin Flux of Tolnaftate Utilizing the Novel Excipient, Dodecyl-2-N,NDimethylaminopropionate (DDAIP)

Enhancing the Skin Flux of Tolnaftate Utilizing the Novel Excipient, Dodecyl-2-N, NDimethylaminopropionate (DDAIP)

Penetration of drug through the stratum corneum to reach the underlying epidermal and dermal layers is a critical step for effective therapy by the topical route. To enhance permeation, various penetration enhancers have been utilized in combination with active drugs. The novel excipient, dodecyl-2-N,Ndimethylaminopropionate (DDAIP), was utilized to assess the epidermal penetration of tolnaftate. Tolnaftate, an anti-fungal agent, is approved as an over-the-counter (OTC) product for the treatment of superficial fungal infections including, athlete’s foot, ringworm and jock itch. Utilizing human cadaver skin mounted on Franz cells, tolnaftate skin flux was evaluated with and without the presence of DDAIP. Over a 24-hour period, DDAIP at a concentration of 0.5% enhanced tolnaftate permeation through human cadaver skin relative to the marketed tolnaftate formulation (1%). Increased tolnaftate penetration may decrease the number of applications and treatment duration required for dermatophyte therapy.

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