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(EOT-MAODV)-Energy Aware Optimized Trust Based MAODV Protocol

The nodes in an ad hoc network are constrained by battery power for their operation. To route a packet from a source to a destination involves a sufficient number of intermediate nodes. Hence, battery power of a node is a precious resource that must be used efficiently in order to avoid early termination of a node or a network. Then there is a need to design a trust system for increasing reliability and disrupted un-security from the network. Thus, Energy awareness and security is an important issue in such networks as it increases the life of a node as well as network lifetime. So, in this work a new protocol Energy Optimization Technique-MAODV (EOTMAODV) is proposed which selects best path by considering both security and energy parameter. This proposed protocol is tested on different environment by different simulation setting and end performance of this protocol is much better than other existed protocols.

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