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Esthetic and functional result of crooked nose treatment; internal microperforating osteotomy and subtotal septal reconstruction

Crooked nose is mostly characterized by a deviation of both the bony and the cartilaginous parts of the nose. In order to obtain proper functional and improved aesthetic results, both of these parts have to be corrected. The objective of this study is to evaluate the aesthetical and the functional results by correcting the bone pyramid through internal micro perforating technique and the cartilaginous part through subtotal septal reconstruction technique. The medical records of 158 patients who have undergone through primary septorhinoplasty for crooked nose treatment during the period of 21.06.2016 and 31.07.2017 have been reviewed. Functional results have been evaluated using NOSE scores and the aesthetical results using ROE scores. The observation times have been arranged as preoperatively, 6 months-1 year (Group 1) and 1 year- 2 years (Group 2). Septorhinoplasty has been performed on 158 patients with crooked nose. Out of this number 104 of the patients (65,8 %) were women and 54 were males (34,2 %). Average age of the patients was 31, 59 (9,3 %) all of who have undergone through this procedure.

There was a significant improvement in the NOSE and the ROE scores of Group 1 and Group 2 and statistically significant (P <0,001).There is no difference between Group 1 and Group 2. In crooked nose treatments, correction of the deviated bone pyramid using internal microperforating osteotomy and correction of the severe deviated septum using subtotal septal reconstruction yields improved functional and aesthetic results.

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