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Articles published in Journal of Surgery & Clinical Practice have been cited by esteemed scholars and scientists all around the world. Journal of Surgery & Clinical Practice has got h-index 3, which means every article in Journal of Surgery & Clinical Practice has got 3 average citations.

Following are the list of articles that have cited the articles published in Journal of Surgery & Clinical Practice.

  2021 2020 2019 2018

Year wise published articles

44 2 8 10

Year wise citations received

5 4 2 1
Journal total citations count 24
Journal Impact Factor 0.24
Journal 5 years Impact Factor 0.27
Journal CiteScore 0.29
Journal h-index 3
Structure for innovations: A use case taxonomy for smart glasses in service processes
Optimal eye movement strategies: a comparison of neurosurgeons gaze patterns when using a surgical microscope
Embedding an Eye Tracker Into a Surgical Microscope: Requirements, Design, and Implementation
Analysis of disruptive events and precarious situations caused by interaction with neurosurgical microscope
Further Development and Evaluation of a Universal Foot Switch for Diverse Medical Disciplines within the Framework of an Open Integration Concept for the Operation Theatre of the Future
Moving target acquisition by gaze pointing and button press using hand or foot
Surgeon specific ergonomically enhanced microforceps for micro-neurosurgery
Towards Intelligent Surgical Microscope: Micro-surgeons Gaze and Instrument Tracking
Command Selection in Gaze-based See-through Virtual Image-Guided Environments
Eyemic: an eye tracker for surgical microscope
Eye gaze patterns in micro-neurosurgery: from remote to ocular-based eye tracker
Eye Caramba: Gaze-based Assistance for Virtual Reality Aiming and Throwing Tasks in Games
Structures for innovations
Construction of a Knowledge Base for Empirical Knowledge in Neurosurgery
3D Exoscopes in Microsurgery: How 3D Exoscopes Reconfigure the Workflow of Assistant Surgeons and Nurses in the Operating Room
Hands-free Adjustment of the Microscope in Microneurosurgery
VR Simulation of Novel Hands-Free Interaction Concepts for Surgical Robotic Visualization Systems
Invasive procedures without sufficient indications: background
Letter to the Editor: The male to female ratio at birth: environmental versus social factors
Level of Parental Awareness Regarding Aerodigestive Pediatric Foreign Bodies, Western Region, Saudi Arabia
An unusual long standing bronchial foreign body (Case report of thumbtack)
Strukturen fur Innovationen

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