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Evaluation of a streptokinase suppository formulation in a rabbit hemorrhoid model

Recombinant streptokinase (rSK) is a protein with thrombolytic and anti-inflammatory effects widely use in some diseases like heard attack and hemorrhoid. The use of rSK rectal suppository application in animal model of hemorrhoid disease has not been report previously. The effect of this protein formulation in suppositories was evaluated in an experimental rabbit model based on the application of croton oil into the rectum. The animals were randomly distributed in four groups (four animals per group) of treatment: rSK, rSK+0.5% sodium salicylate, placebo and control, administered one suppository every six hours for 24 hours. At 24 hours, less inflammation was observed in the rectal mucosa of the animals treated with rSK, the lesion was reversed in 80% with the formulation containing sodium salicylate and 74% without sodium salicylate. In the placebo and control group, the reversal of inflammation was 53% and 30%, respectively. This lower inflammation in the groups treated with rSK was confirmed in histopathological studies. In the evaluation of haemostasis, the groups treated with rSK showed a reduction in fibrinogen levels and prolongation of thrombin time (higher in the formulation containing sodium salicylate). This evidence supports the rSK as suppository rectal formulation is active and pharmacologically acceptable to treat local inflammation and thrombosis in rectal area.

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