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Evaluation of Antiserum Level of EBV-VCA Antibodies in Acute Attack in Patients with Multiple Volume 105 Issue 2Sclerosis

Introduction: MS is considered as one of the most common causes of disability among young people. As no definite treatment has been recognized for this disease yet, the patients are confused due to the life struggles with regard to the chronic clinical conditions, influencing their quality of life and health. Thus, finding the factors exacerbating the MS and trying to eliminate these factors are crucial. Thus, this research was conducted to evaluate the antiserum level of EBV-VCA antibodies in acute attack in patients with multiple sclerosis. Method and materials: In this descriptive, cross-sectional research, 30 patients with multiple sclerosis admitted to neurologic clinic due to acute MS, were included. Anti-serum level of EBV-VCA antibodies was measured by ELISA method. Results: The research results revealed that out of total 30 patients, 3 patients (10%) had positive serum EBV-VCA IgM, 5 suspected cases (16.7%) were doubtful and 22 patients (73.3%) were negative in this regard. No significant relationship was found between serum level of EBV-VCA IgG and acute MS attack (P>0.05). Conclusion: The results of the research and comparison of these results with those of some other studies suggest that there is no significant relationship between serum level of IgM EB-VCA and acute attack of multiple sclerosis.

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