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Evaluation of Organochlorine Pesticide Residues in Underground water of the Mostaganem Region, Algeria

At the same time as their beneficial effects in the defense of the cultures and the protection of the harvests, organochlorinated pesticides express their fatal effects on the human and environmental health on the quiet. Harmful effects quickly established with certain proofs by the scientists.

The objective of our study is to estimate the level of subterranean contamination of waters of the groundwater of Mostaganem province by organochlorinated pesticides. So, very successful analytical techniques are essential for their identification and quantification. In This work we have ends in the development of a method of analysis multiresidus of organochlorinated pesticides in waters of well by chromatography in gas phase coupled with the mass spectrometry.

The use of this instrument in the field of the analysis of the residues of pesticides is considered the most adapted because of these impressive performances in terms of selectivity and sensibility after a stage of extraction of our samples on solid phase (SPE).

All in all 07 OCP(oraganochlorine pesticides) was detected in almost all the samples in variable contents (0.00215 – 0.49856 μg. L-1) among which three exceeded the maximal limits of residues (MRLs) fixed by European directives. Other samples are necessary to estimate better the levels of contamination of underground waters by organochlorinated pesticides.

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