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Evaluation of the Relationship between Occupational Stress, Job Satisfaction and Spiritual Well-being in Nurses Working in Razi Hospital in Saravan at 2017

Background and objectives: Nurses may experience a significant amount of occupational stress in work place and this challenging nature of their job affects their job satisfaction and spiritual wellbeing. This study is conducted in 2017 to determine the relationship between job satisfaction and spiritual well-being of nurses in Razi Hospital of Saravan.

Method: This descriptive analytic study included 80 nurses in Razi Hospital, Saravan chosen by continent sampling method. Demographic information questionnaire, Nurse Stress Scale (NSS), Job Satisfaction Survey (JSS), and Paloutzian and Ellison spiritual well-being scale were used. Chi-square, one way ANOVA and Pearson statistical test were performed on the collected data using SPSS 23.

Results: This study showed a significant negative relationship between occupational stress and not only job satisfaction (r=- 0.34, P=0.004) but also spiritual well-being (r=-0.58, P=0.000). No significant relationship was observed between demographic information and occupational stress.

Conclusion: Results of current study stats that occupational stress is high in the nurses. Thus, it is necessary to think of methods to reduce occupational stress and the subsequent complications.

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