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Exhaled Breath Aspiration Ion Mobility Spectrometry Profiles Reflect Metabolic Changes Induced By Diet

Breath analysis has been developed for quantification of individual compounds e.g. in disease diagnostics, but new technologies allow also on-line measurement of metabolite profiles. We evaluated the potential of monitoring diet induced changes in metabolism based on breath profiles analyzed by aspiration ion mobility spectrometry (AIMS). Exhaled breath alveolar samples were taken at fasting state after low versus high fibre diets (17 and 44 g/day for one week in randomized order, n=7) and during an aerobic exercise test (30 minutes cycling with cycle ergometer, n=9) and analyzed with ChemPro®100, a hand-held gas detector based on AIMS. Principal component analysis was first carried out as pre-processing and next Hotelling’s T-test and linear discriminate regression models (LDRM) were applied to discriminate the exhaled breath profiles in different metabolic states. The exhaled breath profiles were different between the diets (Hotelling´s test, p= 0.015, LDRM: R2=0.71, sensitivity 0.71, specificity 0.71 and accuracy 0.71) and between the resting and the exercise states (p=0.012, R2= 0.79, sensitivity 1.00, specificity 0.89 and accuracy 0.94).This indicates the potential of utilizing the exhaled breath profiles for detecting dietary changes and monitoring exhaled breath further in studying the mechanisms of dietary effects.

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