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Experience of differences with spouse snoring lead to infidelity

Surprise! Indians want to cheat on their partners. 55% Indians have already cheated on their spouses. While sleeping with a snoring partner by your side can be a nightmare, a new study has revealed that in worse scenarios, snoring can also be a reason for adultery. Usually, when you have a partner who snores, the women relocate to a different space in the middle of the night to get a few hours of peaceful sleep. Surprisingly, there have wives who'd resort to changing the partner instead of changing the room. A startling survey by Gleeden, an extra marital dating app, suggests that before the pandemic, wives who were unhappy with their husbands had an opportunity to spend quality time with the other man. The survey conducted among 1,000 women across India aged between 34 to 50 revealed that in the pandemic era, fantasising and daydreaming about the good times spent together has the ideal escape route for the wives from their noisy husbands. As many as 50% wives who participated in the survey from Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, accepted that their husbands were the major cause of their infidelity. While 44.5% admitted that due to lack of sleep, they tend to be irritable refraining them from putting efforts into their relationship, 38% stated that snoring is the major cause for their arguments with their partners. As many as 36.24% respondents confessed that this has a direct impact on their relationship and reduces their craving for their partner. When probed about their relationship status during the lockdown, 37% admitted fantasising about other men. 32% confirmed that they actually think about someone else while masturbating and 28% confessed that they think about the other man while having sex with their husbands. Sleep is indeed for good sex life and sleep are equally important."  Wives desire to sleep peacefully next to their partners and consider this as an important part of a healthy relationship.

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