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Exploring Pemphigus Challenges Based on the Patient Experiences: A Descriptive Phenomenological Research

Pemphigus, a life-threatening illness, is a chronic blister and autoimmune disease that affects the skin and mucus. The drugs used to treat pemphigus have high Adverse Drug Reaction. Therefore, the aim of this study is to explore patients’ experiences and identify the challenges.

This study is a qualitative research with a descriptive phenomenological approach which was conducted through semi-structured interview on 10 male and female patients with pemphigus, using purposeful sampling. colaizzi method was used to analyze the data. The themes for describing the Pemphigus Challenges are: challenges in diagnosing and treating the disease, individual’s challenges and family challenges. The results of the study showed that people with pemphigus have some challenges that affect their lives. Increasing awareness of the family and society, as the main factors shaping the future of people through culture is possible .Psychiatrists, doctors and nurses by increasing awareness of patient’s experience, should try to give physical and physiological care to patient.

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