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Feasibility of Medical Infrared Imaging in the Emergency Department

Background: Medical Infrared Imaging (MII) is an investigative method that can be used to non-invasively detect specific heat signatures associated with disease. There is the potential for this technique to be used in emergency care, and we have developed a protocol for the use of MII in the Emergency Department (ED). However, it is not known if this procedure is feasible in an ED setting. Methods: The Leicester MII protocol was used to image the arm in 68 Emergency Department patients. Feasibility was assessed by the proportion of patients with successful image acquisition. Results: When the protocol was used in the ED, images were obtained in 100% of subjects. Conclusions: It is feasible to undertake MII in an ED setting. A standardised, yet practical protocol has been successfully developed and feasibility tested. This ‘Leicester ED MII Protocol’ is proposed as the standard for future thermography in emergency care, to allow studies to be comparable.

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