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Finite Element Study of Stress and Stability of Newly Designed Absorbable Screw and the Traditional Screw in the Treatment of Lauge-Hansen Type 2 Medial Malleolus Fracture

Background: Poly-L-lactic acid, with good histocompatibility, was used as a new biological material in the orthopaedic field. It does not react with the surrounding tissue, no necessary for secondary surgery and more conducive to fracture healing with an elastic modulus which close to the bone. However, there are not much biomechanics researches of absorbable screws in the current literature yet. Purpose: This study aims to use the finite element analysis technology to explore the feasibility of newly designed absorbable screw to treat the Lauge – Hansen 2 medial malleolus fracture. Methods: CT raw data was used to establish a simple medial malleolus fracture model, which fixed by newly designed absorbable screws and traditional metal screw. Import the model into finite element analysis software and export the analysis result of stress concentration and displacement.

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