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First Case Report of a Life-Threatening Rotavirus Gastroenteritis in a Breast Cancer Patient Receiving Pertuzumab and Trastuzumab

Diarrhea in breast cancer patients receiving active treatment can be multifactorial. In this case report, we present a breast cancer female patient who received neoadjuvant chemotherapy (docetaxel/ carboplatin/ trastazumab/ pertuzumab) and who thereafter suffered from grade 4 life threatening diarrhea which resulted in AKI. The patient was found to have rotavirus A gastroenteritis. In patients with cancer receiving chemotherapy and anti HER2/EGFR treatments presenting with life threatening diarrhea, other diarrhea causing microbes showed be in the differential diagnosis. To our knowledge, this might well be the first case report describing rotavirus gastroenteritis in a patient receiving pertuzumab.

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