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Food Chemistry and Nanoscience

Food Chemistry and Nanoscience

Nanotechnology is a rapidly developing area of technology and science, which is generally interested in particles between 1-100 nm. This technology shows great potential to provide new biological, physical and chemical features to materials in molecular or atomic scale. By comparison with macrosize materials, nanoscale structures have been shown advanced and novel features, hereby they are interested in many kind of fields especially electronic, computer, textile and pharmaceutical industries. Applications of nanotechnology in the food industry have been developing more slowly than other areas because of their complex structures and sensitivity. Some applications in the food industry are improving the uptake, absorption, and bioavailability of nutrients and supplements in the body, producing new or improved tastes, and textures of foods, improving food packaging materials, developing nanosensors that can give information about the freshness or spoilage of products during transportation, storage of food products. According to these parameters, the application of nanotechnology in food industry is based on chemical process between food materials, food contact materials (packaging materials) and nanomaterials, as a principle of chemical interactions.

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