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Foreign Body in Craniofacial Orifices in Children: Query Parental Indictment

Introduction: The increasing economic and pecuniary pressure on families incurred by contemporary lifestyle in a continuously evolving world has led parents especially mothers to engage in jobs that are very time mortgaging. This leads to reduced supervision of growing children among several families. Concurrently, the prevalence of foreign body in craniofacial orifices in children is on the increase, without any audacious attempt to decode the raison d'être. Besides, early childhood explorative tendencies of putting objects in their craniofacial orifices further predispose children to foreign body aspiration and ingestion. This study highlights some circumstances about the lodging of foreign body in the craniofacial orifice in children seen in our hospital, to ascertain the dynamics of a parental factor in children putting objects in their craniofacial orifices.

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