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Formulation and Evaluation of Enteric Coated Aspirin Tablet by Using Bio Epoxy Resin as Coating Material

An enteric coating is a polymer barrier applied on tablets; to prevent gastric irritation due to drug. It prevents dissolution and disintegration of tablet in the gastric environment. Some drugs like aspirin that have an irritant effect on the GI Track after administration, can be prepared as enteric coated tablet. Novel biodegradable epoxy resin having special properties like dissolution in alkaline solution but remains intact in acidic solutions. It is biodegradable, biocompatible, made from 100% bio based content, non-toxic in nature. Owing to these above advantages we have used bio epoxy resin for coating on aspirin table and tested its performance at various conditions. Coated tablets are found resistant to gastric pH and release drug at intestinal ph. The performance data was compared with various commercial brands available in the market. Coating aspirin tablet with bio epoxy resin is safe alternative.

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