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Frontalis Sling Surgery Using DCR Silicon Stents for Correction of Ptosis with Poor Levator Action: Single-Centre Experience from Saudi Arabia

Background: When levator function is poor or absent, frontalis sling is one of the preferred methods of treatment of ptosis. Various materials have been used for frontalis slings with varying results.
Aim: To find an effective, easily available and, lasting frontalis sling material with minimal complications.
Materials and Methods: Retrospective study in which DCR Silicone stents were used for brow suspension in cases of ptosis with poor Levator action (less than 5 mm) in the form of a single rhomboid like in FOX method with slight modification, done between 2012 to 2016.
Results: Retrospectively all the records of these patients were retrieved and the surgical results studied and analyzed. Mean follow up period was 2.6 years. Good long term functional results (assessed in terms of eyelid height, skin crease depth, eyelid contour and patient satisfaction) were achieved in 33 eyelids [90%].Under correction was noticed in 3 eyelids [8%]. Re-surgery was done for these patients and all of them improved well. Lagophthalmos and mild corneal exposure were noticed in 6 eyelids which improved after the use of artificial tear eye drops and ointments.
Conclusion: This method proved to be a simple, less expensive and effective method with minimal complications.

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