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Functional Features of Hemocoagulation in Rats with Experimentally Formed Arterial Hypertension in Conditions of Increased Motor Activity

In rats with experimentally formed arterial hypertension, lipid peroxidation in the plasma, amplification of blood clotting mechanisms with a decrease in anticoagulation and fibrinolysis was noted. Regular forced jogging provided the experimental rats with a positive dynamics of all the indicators considered. Thus, with increased muscular activity, the level of acyl hydroperoxides of plasma decreased in rats with arterial hypertension formed due to the enhancement of its antioxidant activity. In addition, with the increase in muscle activity in experimental rats, normalization of clotting factor activity, indices of general coagulation tests, antithrombin III activity and protein C was achieved. This was accompanied by a normalization of the level of plasminogen, α2-antiplasmin and spontaneous euglobulin lysis time. In rats with formed arterial hypertension with standard physical activity, the initial violations of the measured parameters were completely preserved.

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