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Functional Features of Vascular Endothelium with Developing Arterial Hypertension

At present, the initial stages of the development of vasopathy in various cardiac pathologies, especially in arterial hypertension, are of great interest to researchers. Its development negatively affects the state of the cardiovascular system, increasing the risk of thrombosis. Until now, changes in the hemostatic properties of blood vessels in a person with initial manifestations of arterial hypertension have not been adequately studied. To close the gaps in the scientific knowledge system, 65 men aged 35-45 years with arterial hypertension of the 1st degree were examined in the work. They were divided into two groups, depending on the duration of this pathology. The control group consisted of 30 healthy volunteers of the same age. In the blood of the examinees, the level of malonic dialdehyde, acyl hydroperoxides, catalase activity and biochemical markers of the functional state of the endothelium were determined. It was found out that, when there is an arterial hypertension of 1 degree to half a year, the violations of the measured parameters are not expressed strongly. In patients who have arterial hypertension for more than half a year, an increase in the level of tumor necrosis factor-α and a decrease in the content of nitric oxide with an increase in the manifestation of endothelial dysfunction have been noted in the blood. Apparently, these disorders progressed as a result of activation of free radical processes, which intensify as the duration of the patient's arterial hypertension increases. Strengthening of symptoms of vasopathy in patients with arterial hypertension, occurring as the duration of the disease increases, gradually increases the risk of thrombosis and thereby worsens the overall prognosis.

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