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Functional Finishing in Polyamide Fabrics using Dye/ Inorganic Hybrid Materials comprising Silica and Heteroaryl 1,3,4-Thiadiazole Dye

Development of Aloe Gel Coated Single Jersey Fabric for Dermatitis

The awareness of health and hygiene for consumers has increased the demand for antimicrobial textiles. Whilst in the past it was predominantly technical textiles which had antimicrobial finishes in particular to protect against bacteria and fungi; now-a-days textiles worn close to the body have been developed for a variety of different applications as far as medical and hygienic tasks. Antimicrobial finish on fabrics can minimize the transfer of microorganisms onto the wearer by creating a physical barrier. The various medicinal plants found in nature exhibit excellent anti-microbial properties. A novel attempt has been imparted in this research work to develop medicinal herb Aloe barbadensis gel extracts treated single jersey cotton knitted fabrics using alternate medical concepts to cure atopic dermatitis. It involves the applications of aloe gel extracts of the plant onto cotton knitted fabric by optimizing finish process conditions such as concentration, time and temperature by Box and Behnken statistical method.

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