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Endovascular thrombectomy - Undergoing procedural sedation vs general anesthesia in acute stroke patients: A systematic review of the literature and single- center retrospective study

Importance: Better haemodynamic control for patients with acute ischaemic stoke is related to improved neurological outcomes. Thus far there's not sufficient evidence on whether receiving anaesthesia or procedural sedation during thrombectomy allows for better haemodynamic control and if this incorporates a subsequent impact on early neurological improvement. Objective: To assess whether procedural sedation is superior to general anaesthesia for haemodynamic control and early neurological improvement among patients receiving stroke thrombectomy. Design, Setting, and Participants: This paper will have a two part design. First a literature review and meta-analysis are done to analyse the prevailing evidence. Secondly a retrospective study of 150 patients with acute ischemia in who received thrombectomy in CCAD is going to be completed. Outcomes: the first outcome measures are direct mean blood pressure during thrombectomy and NIHSS after 24 hours, at discharge and after 3 months. Secondary outcome measures are going to be direct systolic pressure, episodes of desaturation, mortality, length of hospital stay, modified rankin scale at discharge and at 3 months, and complications intraoperatively and within the hospital room. Conclusion: The aims of this study are to retrospectively clarify whether anesthesia or procedural sedation give better haemodynamic control during thrombectomy and if this can be related to better early neurological outcomes.
Aislinn Killian completed her bachelor of surgery in Royal College of Surgeons Ireland in 2017. Killian has experience within the field of General Surgery, Psychiatry, medical specialty, and Gastroenterology. Currently Aislinn is functioning on a scientific review and retrospective study on data from Cleveland Clinic national capital, UAE.
The congenital absence of the gallbladder within the absence of biliary atresia is extremely rare, world literature recognizing only 413 cases. The aim of this study is to clarify the diagnostic and therapeutic approach of this rare condition.

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