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Functionalization and Solubilization of Graphene

Functionalization and Solubilization of Graphene

A variety of nanostructures of carbon and inorganic nanomaterials possessing different dimensionalities have been synthesized and characterized in the last few years. Several of these nanostructures are found to have properties of utility with potential applications. Using the nanostructures in many situations requires their dispersions in suitable solvents. This can be done in most instances by appropriate functionalization of the nanostructures. In this contribution, we provide an account of the covalent and non-covalent methods of functionalization of carbon /graphene nanostructures and their subsequent solubilization in non-polar, polar and aqueous media. Of perticular interest are the methods of covalent functionalization such as amidation which are of general applicability. Methods of noncovalent functionalization described here can be used with nanotubes and other nanomaterials and are specially useful since the electronic structure of graphene is not affected by this process.

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