Gastric and Esophageal Duplication in Pediatric Patients: Case Report

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Gastric and Esophageal Duplication in Pediatric Patients: Case Report

Abstract Introduction: Gastric duplication is a rare malformation, represents 7 to 8% of digestive duplications; is attributed to a failure during embryonic period. Usually are asymptomatic and constitute an accidental finding by imaging techniques. The main objective of this paper analyzes the gastrointestinal tract duplications and inform about an unusual clinical case. Clinical Case: Female newborn, with perinatal history of right ovary adnexal tumor, diagnosed at 34 weeks of pregnancy by ultrasound. Laparoscopic approach for adnexal tumor resection was performed at 16 days of life but during the procedure, were not displayed any ovarian cyst or uterine alterations. Was found an enteric cyst located in the posterior wall of stomach at fundus and left body region, corresponding to gastric duplication; also was noted esophageal replica. The accessory stomach and the enteric cyst were resected (15 x 12 cm approx.); also was performed anastomosis of the replicated distal esophagus to the fundus of true stomach accompanied of modified Stamp technique gastrostomy. After 24 hours of postoperative, enteral feeding was administered successfully without complications. Conclusion: The required surgical procedure is extremely variable and depends such the size and location of duplication as if there are complications or heterotopic mucosa associated. The goals of surgery are completely eliminate the anomaly and mucosa added without compromising the function of the remaining intestine.

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