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General Recuperation of Elderly People through Regular Physical Training on Simulators

A very affordable option for general improvement of older members of society is the use of physical exercises during their leisure activities in the gym. In this connection the goal is to assess the overall health of effective exercise on simulators in the elderly. Conducted recreational activities carried out by the author’s method allowed achieving more preferable results. After 6 months observations in the experimental group achieved a balance of sympathetic and parasympathetic influences, close to the state of vegetative equilibrium. As a result of using the author’s method of training on simulators, the observed elderly people managed to normalize the weight-to-growth ratio, reducing it by 42,7%. This was accompanied in the persons of the experimental group by a decrease in the intensity of adaptation of the circulatory system (by 25,8%) to the level of satisfactory adaptation. As a result of a comprehensive assessment of overall physical development in the experimental group, it was possible to establish its output at a high level against the background of the author’s version of recovery. Taking into account the results of the influence of the developed scheme of recovery on the simulators on the dynamics of registered of integral indices, there is advantage of elderly people before a regular but unsystematic visit to the gym.

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