Geoinformatics & Geostatistics: An OverviewISSN: 2327-4581

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Geo Artificial System Applications In Health And Healthcare System

The moulding together geographic/geographic information systems (GIS) dimension creates Geo Artificial intelligent. An emerging role for GeoAI in health and healthcare, as location is an integral a part of both population and individual health. Which provides text of GeoAI technologies like methods, tools and software and their current and potential applications in several disciplines within public health, precision medicine, and Internet provided smart healthy cities. Artificial intelligence (AI), like methods in machine learning, has been increasingly utilized in health and healthcare, particularly with the increase of high-performance and cloud computing capabilities [1,2] Health intelligence refers to the precise application of AI and data science methods and tools to supply accurate, efficient, and productive insights into healthcare and medicine. Health intelligence applications have included social media analytics for syndromic surveillance, predictive modelling to spot populations at high risk for disease mobile health for health care delivery and medical imaging interpretation. [3,4,5,6,7] AI to enhance health at the population level and at the individual leve

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