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Geology of the Study Area at Mamfe Sedimentary Basin is Intracratonique Rif and Data Acquisition

The essential goal of a gravity overview over a sedimentary bowl is to portray the state of the bowl. To satisfy this unbiased, data is required with regards to the densities inside the sedimentary area. Densities of sedimentary rocks increment with profundity (essentially because of compaction), moving toward that of the storm cellar in profound bowls. Sedimentary bowls are by and large connected with low gravity esteems because of lower thickness of the sedimentary infill. Further, gravity displaying of a bowl requires the utilization of articulations with exaggerated thickness contrast concerning the irregularity delivered by the model. The variety of the thickness of dregs with profundity can be addressed by an exaggerated capacity. In this review, a thirdorder polynomial separating of Bouguer gravity information from the Mamfe sedimentary bowl was performed. The local and remaining third request peculiarity maps were fitted for understanding. Two profiles were plotted over two negative inconsistencies saw on the bowl. Utilizing the gravity information of the two profiles, a work process was created to decide the shape and profundity of an interface basic dregs whose thickness balance diminishes exaggeratedly with profundity. The surmised profundity of the interface at every gravity station was determined utilizing the gravity equation of an endless chunk with an exaggerated thickness contrast. In view of the profundity esteems, the residue/cellar interface were supplanted by a sided polygon. The assessed profundities of the residue/cellar interfaces along the two profiles over the Mamfe sedimentary bowl gave 1900 and 5073 m, separately

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