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Geoportals For Interactive Spatial Data Analytics For Development Of Advance Future

Geoportals are the first source of spatial information to researchers in diverse fields. Upcoming years has growing trend to integrate spatial analysis and geo visual analytics inside Geoportals. Researchers could use the Geoportal to conduct basic analysis without offline processing. These tasks are increasingly being tackled with open-source tools in programming languages like Python or R. However, it's unrealistic to include the various tools during a Geoportal platform for processing and analysis. This work provides an exploratory effort to bridge Geoportals and tools through Python scripting. The Geoportal demonstrated during this work is that the Urban and Regional Explorer for China studies. A python package is provided to control this platform within the local programming environment. The server side of the Geoportal implements a group of service endpoints that permits the package to upload, transform, and process user data and seamlessly integrate them into the prevailing datasets. A case study is as long as illustrated the utilization of this package to conduct integrated analyses of program data and baseline census data. This work attempts a replacement direction in Geoportal development, which could further promote the transformation of Geoportals into online analytical workbenches

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