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Healing power of Rudraksha

The sacred Rudraksha beads are importance in use as their healing properties and being identified for various physical and mental problems. The ancient Vedas use this Rudraksha in different diseases. Rudraksa and Mantra have most influence on that part of the body. In modern science the Rudraksh bead possess electromagnetic nature due to this it affect our neurophysiology in a specific manner that permit to control heart-beat, blood pressure, stress levels, hypertension and at the same time relieves nervousness, depression and fearful situation. Rudraksha beads are also believed to have a positive effect on the heart and nerves. This holy Rudraksha beads are used for treatment of cancer and other such types of diseases. The beads can be worn externally or boiled in milk and then the milk is used as a therapeutic. Different Mukhi Rudraksha powder is also taken with water to improve the pain and is also used for the treatment of more diseases. 3 P’s of life namely Peace, Progress and Prosperity. We can get from rudraksha in health as well as in our vastu

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