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Hepatic Mass Potentially Representing Spontaneous Primary Tumor Involution


Incidental hepatic masses are not uncommon being found in up to 6% of those undergoing imaging. These lesions have the potential to represent metastatic disease or a primary Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC). Long-standing cirrhosis from chronic hepatitis, alcohol, or hepatosteatosis represent some of the well-documented risk factors for HCC. However, older men with a history of smoking are also pre-disposed to the disease. We report a case of a patient with multiple risk factors for HCC who was diagnosed with an incidental liver lesion. He then underwent a thorough workup to rule out any potential primary mass that could have metastasized. He eventually underwent resection of the suspected HCC. The final histology indicated a non-hepatic origin of the cancer, but no primary tumor was ever able to be identified. This may represent a case of spontaneous involution of the original malignancy.

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