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Hernia-Roof Access : A Novel Technique to Enter Preperitoneal Space in Groin Hernia Repair

Background: There are many ways to perform groin hernia repair. But the protection and closure of the inner orifice seem to be seldom emphasized as of implant mesh application. In fact,injuried or unclosed orifice or unfixed mesh might be one of potential risk of hernia recurrence.
Aim: To explore hernia-roof’s accessibility and outcomes of patients with groin hernia.
Methods: Using hernia-roof technique to perform groin hernia repair in 189 cases between 2010 and 2012. All patients were performed successfully in open surgery. Also, they received at least 3-year follow-up after surgery in doctor’s office.
Results: Only one died of heart attack 2 years later after surgery. Up to date, only one suffered hernia recurrence about one and half a year after surgery due to his serious chronic coughing. No other serious complications was observed.
Conclusion: Hernia_roof technique can provide a high-degree supportable groin area via the protection of inner orifice and 3-D structure reconstruction.

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