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Hospital Management conference 2019 - The design of a norm for estimating the required nurses for referral hospital inpatient departments using nurse-to-patient ratio approach in Iran

Carelessness in the human asset arranging prompts numerous issues, including deficiencies or the inordinate human workforce, the inconsistent human workforce appropriation, and improper utilization of staff in the association. To forestall the inconsistent circulation of social insurance suppliers, a few procedures have just been utilized, for example, the structure and execution of standard estimation of human asset. The reason for this examination is to build up a standard for assessing the necessary medical caretakers in referral emergency clinic inpatient wards in Iran utilizing the attendants to-tolerant proportion strategy. This presents challenges to the provision of health services. It is important to make sure that each one health facilities in the least levels of care have the proper number and skills mixture of doctors to deliver quality health care. It calculates the number of health workers per health facility based on the workload by providing gap/excess between the current and required number of health workers, and it also provides a proxy measure, the WISN ratio, to assess workload pressure on doctors . 

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