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Hotel Visitation, Self-other Image Congruency, Satisfaction, Loyalty, and Image

Hotel Visitation, Self-other Image Congruency, Satisfaction, Loyalty, and Image

Despite the call for the inclusion of social environment in service consumption, few studies have done so. This study took a plunge into the incorporation of social environment through the use of self-other image congruency concept in explaining hotel guest satisfaction, loyalty, and hotel image. Through the use of a self administered questionnaire directed to hotel guests, the collected data was subjected to a series of regression analyses. The results indicate behavioural consistency to explain satisfaction, loyalty, and hotel image significantly. Albeit not being statistically significant the impact of self-other image congruency was higher for business guest compared to pleasure oriented guest; the frequency of staying in hotel also enhanced the relationship up to a point of decline and then rising abruptly. Practically, the results indicate the usage of self-other image congruency to hoteliers in strategizing their service provision that can elevate the guests’ perception of the behaviour of other guests.

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