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Hypertensive Retinopathy during Pregnancy: Epidemiological and Clinical Aspects at Departmental University Center of Borgou

Objective: To study the epidemiology and clinical aspects of the hypertensive retinopathy among pregnant women with hypertension in the CHUD-B. Material and methods: The study was multicenter and analytical. It concerned all pregnant women admitted to the CHDU-B from April 1st to July 31, 2012, four months. Results: Out of 1327 pregnant women, 158 (11.90%) have presented an arterial hypertension associated with pregnancy. Among these 158 pregnant women with hypertension, 112 have benefited from the ophthalmological examination, for a participation rate of 70.88%. 48 had retinopathy hypertensive either a prevalence of 42.86%. The average age of pregnant women was 28 ± 7.76 years. These women were in the majority illiterate (38%) with a predominance of craftswomen and housewives (66.97% ). The HTA was severe in 54.17% of cases and the hypertensive retinopathy was statistically linked to the severity and chronicity of the HTA. Conclusion: The hypertensive retinopathy during pregnancy is common and affects women around the thirties. It is often related to the severity and chronicity of the HTA.

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