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Hypoxic Fetal Brain Damage Followed by Cerebral Palsy will be Prevented by Computerized Fetal Monitoring

Diagnostic tool to detect fetal risk in the birth process, instead of listening to fetal heart sound, mother’s abdominal fetal ECG, PCG and ultrasound CW Doppler fetal heart detector, while the subjective FHR pattern diagnosis had been widely used in the world since 1968, but it was based on subjective visual pattern recognition, where the diagnosis was disturbed by vague definition and observer difference [1]. The author noticed its controversy nature based on subjective human visual FHR observation, and created objective numeric FHR analysis in 1969 and created objective and numeric FHR analysis to achieve FHR score, which was determined every 5 min, and correlated neonatal Apgar score and umbilical cord blood pH, and precisely predicted neonatal well using and asphyxia using the regression equations to neonatal Apgar score and UApH [2].

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