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Identification and Characterisation of causal agent(s) of Thread blight disease on cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.)

This study was conducted in 2014/2015 at Plant Pathology Laboratory of the Department of Crops and Soil Science KNUST, Kumasi, Ghana. The study aimed at identifying and characterizing thread blight (TB) pathogens on cocoa. This experiment was done in controlled environment using Complete Randomized Design (CRD) with four replications. Seven (7) different culture agar media viz.,(Potato Dextrose, Malt Extract, V-8 Juice, Oatmeal, Plantain, Banana, and Green Cocoa Mucillage) were tested. Mycelia growth, colony character and sporulation pattern of the fungal isolates were studied for seven (7) days of incubation at 28±1 °C. Six (6) different isolates of Thread Blight were identified. The cultural characteristics and sporulation pattern were greatly influenced by the type of medium used.

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