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Idiopathic omental infraction as a cause of acute abdomen

Introduction: Idiopathic omental infraction is a rare cause of acute abdominal symptoms that has been known with growing recurrence in the past ten years. It presents as right iliac fossa pain, and it’s sometimes misdiagnosed as acute appendicitis. In this study we present a case Report of idiopathic omental infraction as a cause of acute abdomen.

Presentation of case: A 25-year-old male, presented to the casualty complying of intermittent worsening pain in the right side of the abdomen, this symptom which mimiced the other commoner causes of acute abdomen. On further investigations he had leucocytosis, high C-reactive protein and ESR levels, A contrast computed tomography suggested acute appendicitis, in due course patient was operated after taking his consent, inside the operation 70% of the greater omentum was necrotic with a black colour, an omentectomy was performed and he was discharged after two days with good recovery.

Conclusion: A right side abdominal pain is not only confined to appendiceal diseases, so other disease should be put in consideration.

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