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Immune responses following McKenzie lumbar spine exercise in individuals with acute low back pain A preliminary study

The pathophysiology of low back pain (LBP) and disk-related sciatica is not limited to mechanical compression of the neural tissue. Inflammation and inflammatory mediators, has been implicated in the production of acute or chronic pain. This study analyzes the immune responses following 4 weeks of McKenzie lumbar spine exercise in individuals with acute low back pain (ALBP). Participants were 15 volunteered patients with ALBP. Ten ml of incidental blood were obtained from each patient before and after 4 weeks of McKenzie exercise intervention. All patients underwent subjective and objective assessment. Intervention was bespoke following McKenzie assessment and treatment protocol. For a reference purpose similar blood samples was obtained from 15 healthy individuals. Flow cytometric analysis was wont to evaluate the frequencies of CD4+ T cell sub-populations and therefore the intracellular cytokine expression within this cell population. Pain perceptions were obtained at baseline and following hebdomadally of exercise sessions.

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