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Immunohistochemical Markers of Angiogenesis and Apoptosis in Chorionic Villi during Early Pregnancy Miscarriage

Objective: Aim of this study was to investigate changes in the expression of immunohistochemical markers of angiogenesis (VEGF) and apoptosis (Caspase 3) in chorionic villi of human embryos, obtained after sporadic, recurrent pregnancy miscarriage and compare them with such expression in normal pregnancy Chorionic villie.

Methods: Histological material included 63 recurrent, sporadic miscarriage and 32 artificial abortions chorionic villi samples. Immunohistochemical technique was applied to study expression levels of VEGF and Caspase 3.

Results: VEGF and Caspase 3 expression intensity and diversity in different Chorionic villie (CV) structural components was observed in different investigated groups.

 Conclusion: Our research has shown that an important role is played not only by a general decrease in VEGF expression but also a change in the allocation of this cytokine in the structural components of early pregnancy miscarriage CV. The processes of apoptosis were more active in the groups of early miscarriage; however, they did not block the synthesis of VEGF. These results may indicate the role of factors of angiogenesis and apoptosis in the development of early miscarriage of pregnancy.

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