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Impact of the collision and push angles on the phases hop, step and jump in the triple jump and their relationship to the stage of take-off

The purposes of this study were to reveal correlation between the angles of body within the motor achievement and stages takeoff (time of phase & push angle) in each phase (hop, step and jump) for elite Algerian in hop-step-and-jump. Our study supported the kinematic analyzes of the phases hop-step-and-jump within the collision and push stages, through the kinovea programmer. From this topic we want to discuss that, we’ve chosen the analysis of correlation (the Pearson correlation “R”) in each of the phases (hop, step and jump) within the collision and push stages of time. Based on the work of practices and deficiency of elites in practice; we confirm that there’s a statistically significant correlation within the collision stage (hop phase; the angle of trunk°) with the time and angle of push. The trouble of our elites is within the hop phase, and its relationship with the step and jump phases and; horizontal vertical velocity in hop phase and preservation in next phases (step and jump) as clarification is achieved and improved.

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