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Impacts of the Alice Solar City Program on the Local Tourism Industry

Impacts of the Alice Solar City Program on the Local Tourism Industry

The Alice Solar City (ASC) project was one of seven under the Australian Government’s Solar Cities Program. This paper investigates the actual and potential multi-dimensional impacts of the Alice Solar City project on the local tourism industry in Alice Springs. The results suggest that the ASC project was not a tourist attraction. There was a positive contribution from the ASC to the image of the town as well as significant impacts, both economic and non-economic, on the local community. The Solar City project made a positive contribution to the environmental sustainability of the whole tourism industry in the region. Nevertheless, the project had a minimal impact on attracting tourists or persuading them to extend their stay in the town. The indirect and/or non-economic impacts of the ASC possibly could have been turned into a positive contribution to the increase in tourist numbers and tourist nights, but this required a basic re-ordering of the town’s tourism “brand”.

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