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Improving the reduction of energy consumption and increasing the balance in the Internet of Things using the ant colony algorithm

Today, the use of wireless sensor network is increasing. This is because the network is made up of nodes that can be used anywhere. That is, they can be used in industry, military, medicine and other fields. The physical nodes that are scattered in the sensor network have several parts: the communication part, the power supply part, etc. In terms of power supply, the nodes supply their power consumption from the battery, so they have limited energy. For this reason, and because these nodes are not available, all researchers have turned to research into routing and clustering protocols that reduce energy consumption and provide better coverage. There is a lot of research in the field of routing in this field, which is sometimes done by using meta-heuristic algorithms or combining these algorithms with others. But the complexity of algorithms is different in all areas. In this article, a combined method is used Reduce energy consumption and increase load balance of this network by using the ant colony algorithm.

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