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Indices’ Dynamics of Microcirculatory Processes in Women with Habitual Miscarriage of Pregnancy Daily Wearing Prophylactic Trousers In The Course Of the Third Pregnancy Term

It is acknowledged at present that habitual miscarriage of pregnancy is accompanied by disturbances of hemo-circulation process in vessels of little caliber. In our research we applied the author’s variant of medicinal-prophylactic trousers’ daily wearing in the course of the third term in women with habitual miscarriage of pregnancy who received traditional saving pregnancy therapy. In our research we applied instrumental, laboratory and statistical methods of investigation. The women wearing medicinal-prophylactic trousers were noted to have the improvement of microcirculation indices in lower extremities. It became possible in the result of the increase of linear systolic bloodstream speed by more than 16.4%, linear average bloodstream speed by more than 50.0%, and average volumetric bloodstream speed by more than 78.0% and level decrease of systolic bloodstream speed by more than 38.0%. The plasma of women with habitual miscarriage of pregnancy wearing medicinal-prophylactic trousers in the course of the third term, was reached to have leveling of existing imbalance of arachidonic acid metabolites on behalf of level decrease of thromboxane B2 and level rise of 6-keto-prostaglandin F1α till the values of the norm. It was accompanied by the rise of nitric oxide summary metabolites nearly till the control level in plasma of the examined women by the end of observation. Daily wearing of medicinal-prophylactic trousers was accompanied by content rise of erythrocytes-discocytes in blood of patients till 85.5 ± 0.18% at the decrease of erythrocytes’ reversibly and irreversibly modified forms till 10.9 ± 0.07% and 3.6 ± 0.04%, respectively. At the same time the group of observation reached normalization of erythrocyte aggregation on behalf of erythrocytes’ sum decrease in aggregates by 30.8% and quantity of these aggregates-by 29.2% at number increase of non-aggregated erythrocytes by 20.4%. So, at wearing of medicinal-prophylactic trousers in the third term the women with habitual miscarriage of pregnancy reach potentiation of the conducted therapy with normalization of microcirculation indices and erythrocytes’ rheological properties. Given alterations can optimize the processes of microhemodynamics and activate trophism in the field of small pelvis promoting successful carrying a baby to full term.

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