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Industrial Challenges of Security Threats upon Security Related IOT Components in RAMI 4.0

Intensification in security threats has upraised the concern to design secure architecture that mitigates security threats in smart industries. Since there is no empirical evidence in literature which identifies security threats mitigation upon security related IoT components in all three dimensions of Reference Architecture Model for Industry RAMI 4.0 due to why architecture becomes vulnerable to security threats e.g., authentication, authorization etc. Therefore, mitigation of security threats at the architecture level in IoT related security components remains an ongoing challenge for smart industries in general and specific to Cyber Physical System (CPS). This paper secure CPS by mapping security threats upon security component(s) in IoT application(s) in all three dimensions of RAMI 4.0, which is proposed by the German electrical industry based on DIN SPEC 91345. Since the objective of current research is industrial evaluation of security threats in CPS upon securityrelated IoT components in all three dimensions of RAMI 4.0, we therefore firstly map IoT related security components at all three dimensions of RAMI i.e., architecture layers, process layers and hierarchy levels and then model authorization and authentication threats upon IoT related security components at architecture, process and hierarchy layers.

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