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Influence of Abemaciclib, a New CDK 4/6 Inhibitor, Decrease in Potassium Electrollytes and Urea in a Patient Suffering from Metastatic Breast Cancer

A 46-year old patient suffering from metastatic breast cancer (FIGO IV D) underwent various chemotherapies and radiation treatments in the past. From November 4, 2018 the patient was treated with 300 mg Abemaciclib (2 × 150 mg). During therapy, her pain subjectively decreased. After 14 days the patient suffered nausea, emesis and exsiccation. She was therefore hospitalized and intensively monitored. Leukopenia and anemia on a common scale were treated in the usual way. Despite normal retentions, we detected a significant decrease in potassium and calcium. Surprisingly, we also detected a decrease in urea. Because of the continuous decrease in potassium and calcium, we substituted the electrolytes. After two weeks, all labor

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