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Integrated Approach for Repurposing and Drugs for Bactericidal Applications Against Small-Colony Variants

Antimicrobial opposition keeps on being a public danger on a worldwide scale. The continuous need to foster new antimicrobial medications that are powerful against multi-drug-safe microorganisms has prodded the examination local area to put resources into different medication revelation techniques, one of which is drug repurposing—the method involved with discovering new uses for existing medications. While still incipient in the antimicrobial field, the methodology is acquiring footing in both people in general and private area. While the methodology has specific guarantee in optimizing compounds into clinical examinations, it by and by has significant obstructions to progress. This Review covers the specialty of repurposing existing medications for antimicrobial purposes. We talk about empowering evaluating stages for antimicrobial disclosure and present empowering discoveries of novel antimicrobial remedial techniques.

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