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Investigation of Structural and Optical Properties of Substituted MgFe2O4 Nanoferrites

Ferrite materials are one of the magnetic classes of materials, which have a variety of applications in the industry as well as in day-to-day life. In general, there are two broad categories of these materials i.e. soft and hard ferrites. These categories are based on the response of these materials in the magnetic field. In the present work, we aimed to work on the substituted soft spinel nano ferrites i.e. substituted Mg-Mn ferrite nanoparticles having space group Fd3m-O7. Mg-Mn ferrite nanoparticles have various applications in the industry owing to which they have been explored by many materials scientists for the last two decades. In fact, many researchers have studied the pure and substituted MgFe2O4 ferrites in bulk, nano form but no literature is available on the investigation of Cd3+, and La3+ substituted MgFe2O4 nano ferrites synthesized via sol-gel technique. Therefore, in the present work, we have planned to study the effects of Cd3+ and La3+ doping on the structural and optical properties of MgFe2O4 nano ferrites.

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